Private 30 minute concert!

Private 30 minute concert!


What could be better than a private half hour concert for $25?!  Emiko is making private concerts available to her fans all across the globe - so for anyone who lives far away, or off the beaten path, or just wants to enjoy some live music in the comfort of their own home, this concert is for you! 


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Terms and conditions:

* Concert length: 30 minutes

* Solo performance only

* Concert may not be recorded by the purchaser unless agreed to in advance in writing by the artist

* Purchaser agrees to proper behavior during concert (this means no nudity, inappropriate solicitations, bootleg recordings, or anything that would jeopardize the safety of the artist).  If the artist feels such behavior has occurred, artist will have the right to terminate and discontinue the performance at the moment with no further rescheduling or refund.

* Concert will be schedule at a mutually agreed time and platform

* Artist will set the playlist

* Any Q&A time will be considered part of the 30 minute concert

* There will be no refunds once the concert is purchased, however, the concert date may be rescheduled up to twice in case of illness or technical difficulties.

* Purchaser will receive an email within 48 hours of purchasing the concert to schedule and confirm details of the concert.

* You must be ready to have a rockin' good time!!! :)