The "I Believe You" Project

Just because they don't believe you doesn't mean it didn't happen.

I believe you.


More details coming soon! If you'd like to get involved with the project or have a project to share, please fill out the contact form and we will add you to the mailing list.

In the wake of all the incidences of sexual abuse, assault, harassment, and misconduct coming to light, the “I Believe You” project aims to not only raise awareness of these issues, but to ultimately stop them from happening. The project, inspired by the song off Emiko’s EP Looking at Later is a vital social statement and an opportunity for survivors to come together, heal, get the truth out, and offer others strength so that their voices may be counted. 

This project shines a light on survivors of sexual assault, harassment, abuse, etc. It is clear that the time, more than ever, is now, and Emiko is committed to doing her part as a survivor and as a human being to give as much help and healing to those who have experienced the same or similar horrific things.

The official kickoff of the project takes place Tuesday, November 7, 2017 with the release of the music video for "I Believe You" which will be followed by a series of videos, appearances, support groups, and public roundtable discussions. Please visit this page often as updates and new resources will be posted as the project gets underway!